Stainz-R-Out: The Ultimate Stain Remover!

What Makes Stainz-R-Out The Best?

Stains happen! Multi-Purpose Stainz-R-Out is the cleaning hero you’ve been waiting for. Use it in your laundry for a stain lifting boost, use it concentrated for your worst stains, and dilute it for everyday cleaning. Stainz-R-Out uses a scientifically designed blend of powerful cleaning elements to remove almost any stain from almost any surface! Made with organic banana oil, Stainz-R-Out works to lift even the toughest stains from tile, concrete, marble, fabrics, clothing, rugs, upholstery, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and more! Put Stainz-R-Out to the test on the worst stains in your home! Stain-R-Out removes stains or your money back!

Stainz-R-Out does NOT do any animal testing and does NOT use phosphates, nitrates, enzymes, bleach/whitening agents.