Stainz-R-Out: The Ultimate Stain Remover!

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Stainz-R-Out uses a scientifically designed blend of powerful cleaning elements to remove almost any stain from almost any surface! Made with organic banana oil, Stainz-R-Out works to lift even the toughest stains from tile, concrete, marble, fabrics, clothing, rugs, upholstery, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and more!

What Makes Stainz-R-Out The Best?

The ultimate stain lifting power of organic banana oil removes your toughest stains with ease. Put Stainz-R-Out to the test on the worst stains in your home! Stains happen, Multi-Purpose Stainz-R-Out is the cleaning hero you’ve been waiting for. Use it in your laundry for a stain lifting boost, use it concentrated for your worst stains, and dilute it for everyday cleaning. Did you know one 16oz bottle can make 16 bottles of Ready To Use cleaner?

 Get These Stains OUT:

   • Oil                        • Nail Polish
   • Grease                • Shoe Polish
   • Blood                  • Mud
   • Ink                       • Red Wine
   • Lipstick              • Tar
   • Pet Messes        • Spray Paint
   • Food Stains      • Mascara
   • Grass Stains     • Crayon Wax

 Removes Stains or Your Money Back!

  Lifts Stains From ALL These:

       • Leather
       • Carpet
       • Upholstery
       • Cars
       • Concrete
       • Tile
       • Clothing
      • Marble

Stainz-R-Out does NOT do any animal testing. 

Stainz-R-Out does NOT use phosphates, nitrates, enzymes, bleach/whitening agents.