Stainz R Out Ultra is the ultimate miracle cleaner that harnesses the power of natural banana oil to effectively gets rid of any stains, old and new. Just apply Stainz R Out Ultra and watch stains as they vanish from any fabric or surface. It removes tough stains caused by wine, oil, mud, paint, grass, pet stains and more! Independent laboratory tests prove that Stains R Out Ultra works and can get rid of just about any type of stubborn household stain! It's guaranteed to remove any stain from any surface.

This stain remover has been laboratory tested by one of the country's largest testing facilities. Stainz R Out demonstrated to scientifically wipe out stains when tested on multiple surfaces, fabrics and stains.

Stainz R Out Ultra removes marks on clothing, carpets, leather, silk, cotton, wool, upholstery – it even works on hard surfaces like tiles, concrete and bathroom fixtures. The powerful formula is made of environmentally friendly and completely bio-degradable. Why spend a fortune on lots of different stain removers when you can do it all with Stainz R Out?

OFFER DETAILS: Buy 1 Bottle of Stainz-R-Out Ultra and Get 2 bottles FREE for only $29.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. Each bottle of Stainz-R-Out Ultra measures 473 ml. Stainz R Out Ultra is the last stain remover you'll ever need.

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